How We're Addressing COVID-19

What you need to know as we adjust to a new normal and resume in-person sessions.

A Balanced Life LLC has resumed in-person sessions following pandemic precautions; and, continues to offer online services. We want everyone to stay physically and mentally healthy during this pandemic transition time. Please read the information below and discuss any questions you have with your provider.


Resuming In-person Appointments

The following is important information that may impact your appointments.  


As of July 1, most appointments will resume to in person. If you want to continue by telehealth*, please contact your insurer and obtain an authorization for telehealth services with your specific provider at A Balanced Life LLC. Next, inform your provider whether or not your insurance plan provides the telehealth authorization. If so, you may continue to schedule telehealth sessions with your provider.  


If telehealth sessions are not authorized for your provider on your specific health insurance plan, you will need to resume in-person appointments in order for your services to be covered by your insurance plan. Otherwise, the risk to you if you engage in telehealth services not covered by your plan is that you will pay the allowable out-of-pocket amount per session and this payment may not be applied to your deductible. 


As we resume in-person sessions, we ask that every client wear their mask into the building. If you have a vaccination, you may remove your mask once you are in the therapy office. We ask that you put your mask back on to leave the building. Anyone who has not been vaccinated will need to keep their mask on while in the building; and, their provider will also wear a mask while meeting with you. Our lobby and bathroom remain closed to the public. Please wait for your provider to let you into the building, as the outside door will remain locked.


A Balanced Life LLC’s policies regarding precautions against the coronavirus will remain as follows for in-person sessions: 

A Balanced Life LLC:


1. requires everyone to wear a mask when they enter the building;
2. requires social distancing and mask wearing for the entire visit if you have not been vaccinated;

3. allows mask removal during your session if you have been immunized;

4. disinfects all touched surfaces immediately following every visit;
5. offers Telehealth* to any client who would prefer to avoid public spaces to protect their health;  
6. asks persons to stay home, and not come to the office, who are within two degrees of exposure to the coronavirus (meaning you have had contact with someone who has had contact with someone who may have been exposed to the coronavirus);
7. asks persons to stay home, and not come to the office, who feel ill, have any cold or flu symptoms, have a temperature, or believe you may have been in contact with someone who has been exposed to the coronavirus.

Please stay healthy. We will re-evaluate our policies as the pandemic situation evolves.  

*Providers at A Balanced Life LLC use HIPAA compliant Telehealth services—either Doxy or Sessions. Your provider will email you link to the telehealth service several minutes before your session is scheduled to start and connect with you when you enter the virtual waiting room. You will need a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with a camera and a decent internet connection. Please look at our online services page for more information.

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