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How We're Addressing COVID-19

What you need to know as the pandemic continues to evolve.

A Balanced Life LLC provides in-person sessions following pandemic precautions; and, continues to offer online services. We want everyone to stay physically and mentally healthy during this pandemic. Please read the information below and discuss any questions you have with your provider.


In-person Appointments

In-person sessions are available when it is to your benefit to meet in person; and, for people whose health insurance plans do not provide a telehealth benefit. Mask-wearing is encouraged, but optional during your visit. Please let your provider know if you would like for them to wear a mask.  If you are sick or experiencing any symptoms—or if you have been exposed to the Coronavirus—please do not come to the office; instead, contact your provider for next steps.  We allow time for disinfecting following every visit, and request social distancing in the building.


If you want to continue by telehealth*, please contact your insurer and obtain an authorization for telehealth services with your specific provider at A Balanced Life LLC. Next, inform your provider whether or not your insurance plan provides the telehealth authorization. If so, you may continue to schedule telehealth sessions with your provider.  

Please stay healthy. We will re-evaluate our policies as the pandemic situation evolves.  

*Providers at A Balanced Life LLC use HIPAA compliant Telehealth services—either Google Meet or Sessions. Your provider will email you the link to the telehealth service before your session is scheduled to start and connect with you at your scheduled visit time. You will need a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with a camera, microphone/speaker, and a decent Internet connection. Please look at our online services page for more information.

(Our policy may change according to community risk profile and CDC recommendations).



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